Barber shop buzzes over LeBron news

CLEVELAND -- The Wall Street Barber Shop at 4491 Pearl Road in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood was extra busy on Friday. It's normally a big day for haircuts.

This day it was jumping with news media attention.

Outside the barber shop is a large mural depicting LeBron's patented 'chalk toss' with the message "Come Home."

It's been up about a year but it didn't draw widespread attention until this week./

It appeared in the New York Times and other websites.

Check it out: : Wall Street Barber Shop

On Friday, WKYC's Tom Beres was there getting the story behind the buzz just about when LeBron's announcement came down.

When the news flashed on ESPN, that LeBron was coming to Cleveland, customers and cosmetologists did double-takes to make sure it was the real deal.

One customer said, "It was crazy. Everybody was jumpin'.'"

The shop's late owner, Andrew Franklin, 29, was a big Cavs fan He had the mural done about a year ago to draw business and spark controversy and discussion among his customers. He recently died from an aneurysm.

Today his cosmetologists and customers were discussing what he might be saying.

One said, "He's up there partying and laughing at what we're saying."

Customers were overwhelmingly glad at the news.

Joe McKeever said, "I'm so pumped for Cleveland."

But there was a dose of reality.

Customers said they'd still have bills and mortgages to pay and kids to keep out of trouble.

Asked if it would change his life, customer Mike Talton said, "Yes, it will change how I bet (on basketball games)."

That bought lots of laughs.

Franklin had hoped LeBron might one day come by the shop to see the mural. He's going to be in town a while so maybe he will.

And maybe the message will change from "Come Home" to "Welcome Home."


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