Between the Lines: Election wrap

The sin tax won. So did Armond Budish. And so did voter apathy.

Was the sin tax margin bigger than expected?

What can we expect in the race between Armond Budish and Jack Schron for Cuyahoga County Executive?.

Why don't more voters turn out, even with early voting?

Now it's on to November with the Governor's race.

Lots of discussion about what Governor John Kasich will do with bill regarding alternative energy and a new tax on drillers.

Should he veto a bill capping future alternative energy production? Should he hold out for a higher tax on drillers than a possible two and a half percent, the legislature seems inclined to pass?

Ed FitzGerald is not giving up keycard records that show his comings and goings at work, claiming there is a security issue.

Will he be forced to turn over what have previously been considered public records? How big a public relations hit will he take?

Global Cleveland is launching a new push to bring immigrants and newcomers here.

Is its goal to double newcomers by 2020 realistic? Does it need to pursue ordinary immigrants as well as more elite, wealthy and skilled types?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Channel 3 Political Analysts Dennis Eckart and Mary Anne Sharkey on this, the final edition of Between the Lines.

Thanks to all who have been involved with our segment during its 11-year run. And thanks to all you viewers.

Our work will continue to be available on, Channel 3 News and Twitter.

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