Raccoon trapped in garbage can gets help from handy humans

EASTLAKE -- Sometimes your friends can't help you and you have to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Police were called to a home on East 360th Street Tuesday morning when two raccoons were trapped inside a Rubbermaid garbage can.

According to police, one of the raccoons was half in and half out of the garbage can, trapped inside a hole about 14 inches up from the bottom of the can and was frantically trying to pull itself free.

It was using is claws and teeth in an attempt to extricate itself from its precarious position. The other raccoon was allowing the trapped animal to use its head to push itself out of the can but this was not working.

The raccoon that was not trapped in the hole was visibly upset with officers as they tried different means to remove his friend.

After unconventional means were exhausted, police said a snare was used to capture and release the unstuck raccoon in the bottom of the can.

Next police officers secured the trapped raccoon by the snare and a larger hole was cut into the garbage can.

When this larger hole was made, the trapped raccoon was able to be pulled out of the can and released to join his friend, "taking nothing with him but an unbelievable story to tell his raccoon friends." police said.


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