Teen crashes while reading text and driving a golf cart?

There is nothing funny about the dangers of texting and driving. Too many people have killed themselves and others while texting and it's a real problem, especially among teen drivers.

But this police report caught my eye for another reason. The teen wasn't driving a car, he was driving a golf cart and not on a golf course and not in Florida.

Sorry to my Florida friend but I think of everyone in Florida as driving golf carts in gated communities.

But I digress.

Eastlake police said they were called to the intersection of Admiral and Farragut drives just before 5 p.m. Monday.

They arrived to find a stop sign sheared off at its base by a golf cart and the 14-year-old driver and his two juvenile passengers standing next to it.

Police said the driver told them the golf cart was traveling at an estimated 10-15 mph when it went off the road and struck the stop sign. Police think the pole had been previously damaged to have been sheared off that easily.

That's when the driver told police he had been reading a text while he was driving the cart.

Police said none of the trio was injured so instead of charging him, the driver will enter the juvenile diversion program for community service.

I know it is an unusual type of accident but again, the driver wasn't paying attention, regardless if he was driving a car or a golf cart or even riding a bicycle.

Inattention used to be because you were changing the stations on the radio, eating, or putting on make-up or reading the paper. Those are dangerous as well but texting is becoming the primary reason for crashes.

As the bumper sticker says -- Hang up and drive.


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