Welcome LeBron back? Yes, no, maybe?

AKRON -- What do you think?

If LeBron chooses to return to Cleveland, would you welcome him back?

At the Barber Shop in Akron, it's the topic of the day.

"People were mad when he left but it seems most people would take him back," said Jon the barber.

Many Akronites say it boils down to forgiveness.

"You can forgive. You can't forget. He's just such a good ball player. That's the bottom line," said Thomas Berry.

But no matter how good of a ball player he is, some fans aren't ready to accept him back.

"I believe when he left he slighted a lot of people. I believe you should be true to your team," said Kyle Slussar.

"As far as I'm concerned, I would not be too thrilled about it," said Erica Ford.

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While many agree that LeBron's return would be good for both Akron and Cleveland, some fans simply don't care.

"I'm just not a big enough fan that it matters to me," said Mark Conzelmann.

But it matters to the customers at the Barber Shop.

"We'd love to have him back. If that's your home, we should welcome him back with open arms," said Anthony Koupiaris.


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