Ohio propane shortage raises concerns

The cold temperatures are creating concerns for homeowners who use propane and heating oil to keep warm.

A shortage has prompted Governor John Kasich to declare a State of Energy Emergency.

The declaration expands the hours that trucks carrying hazardous materials, like propane and oil, can be on the roads to better reach customers when their supplies run low.

Joe Butano's propane tank is less than half full.

Like a lot of propane and heating oil customers, Butano is concerned that there won't be enough supply to go around.

He's using electric space heaters and stocked up on firewood for his stoves in the basement.

"It makes sense where there's a shortage, it just seems to make sense in preparation for what's the worst that could come," said Butano.

Like Joe, six percent of Ohioans use propane, five percent use oil.

It's a small percentage compared to nearly 70 percent who use natural gas, but it's a big concern for The Gas House, which hasn't seen a shortage like this in 23 years.

"I'm concerned because I don't know when we're getting it or if we're getting it and all the propane companies are in the same boat," said The Gas House's Scott Zura.

Right now, their tank is holding 50,000 gallons, which will only last a few more days.

To prevent from running out, the Gas House is only partially filling tanks.

"We're supposed to get a shipment in tomorrow (Tuesday) but we've been told that before and it didn't come in, so we're hoping we get it," said Zura.

In the meantime, Joe is conserving what he can.

"When you're running down low on your tank then you have to start becoming more conscious of how much you're using," said Butano.

The state of emergency will continue until the supply returns to normal.

Experts suggest turning down your thermostat to conserve what you can.


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