Patriot Tour brings powerful message to Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- The real life star of the box office hit "Lone Survivor" spent Friday night in Cleveland.

He's traveling the country telling his heroic story, and tonight he brought the show downtown to the Palace Theater.

It's called the Patriot Tour with the lone survivor, Marcus Luttrell, and several other veterans. They're simply telling their brave stories, usually to packed auditoriums of people that can relate.

The audience was filled with local veterans, and it was definitely an emotional experience for them.

"I got tears in my eyes," Vietnam veteran Edward Stephan said.

A brave Vietnam vet with a big heart, Stephan saw "Lone Survivor" in theaters, but seeing the man in person, the Navy Seal who fought for his life to capture a notorious Taliban leader, was a different experience for everyone.

"It's very heartbreaking in a way, and that's what they do for our country, and that's the price they pay, which can never be repaid," Stephan said.

Stephan was joined by several of his fellow veterans and Columbia Station Honor Guard members.

"A lot of people want to forget things like that, but we want to keep in touch with everybody and still keep your feelings and emotions," Vietnam veteran Frank Madey said.

Local vets relate to the feelings and emotions of the Patriot Tour speakers, like Pete Scobell, a former Navy Seal who suffered a traumatic brain injury and used his guitar to get better.

"I got hurt. I got blown up, took me 18 months to get back to where I was, and music was a part of that, and so I like to share that with people," Scobell said. "When they look around, they don't feel alone anymore."

Feeling alone is what Taya Kyle helps military spouses cope with on the tour. She lost her husband, known as the "American Sniper," and now wears his dog tags.

"It's my job to carry the torch and pass on his message and pass on some of my own lessons along the way," Kyle said. "I just feel like it gives me extra strength and closeness to him when I wear them."

It's that strength and closeness that real life lone survivors need and deserve, and the Patriot Tour hopes to help.

"That's what keeps us going throughout the years," Madey said.

The next stop on the tour is Columbus on Saturday night. Visit for more information.


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