Protecting your personal information against skimmers

How to protect yourself from skimmers.


OHIO -- A recent rash of skimming at gas station pumps has been linked to seven counties across Ohio, authorities say.

Thieves attach the devices to credit card readers and steal your personal information.

Ohio State Highway Patrol reports investigator Frank Applegate says there have been some skimming incidents attributed to Cuban crime rings.

However, investigators are still parsing through whether organized crime is to blame in the Ohio incidents. So far, "they have no evidence." The most recent incident is linked to the group.

To protect consumers, some gas stations have placed a small plastic seal over the face plate of the pump to show it hasn't been tampered.

Harris also recommends monitoring your credit card statements for potential fraud, which can be traced back to the pump where the incident happened.

Other ways to protect yourself include:

  • Going inside to pay the clerk.
  • Using your credit card number instead of your debit card, so that your pin number will not be stolen. It's also much easier to dispute credit card fraud than money taken straight from your account.


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