'Queen of Hearts' draws thousands to Garrettsville

Garrettsville Queen of Hearts

GARRETTSVILLE, OHIO - It felt like a Cleveland Browns tailgate, here in Garrettsville, with live music, food and drinks.

SkyLane Bowling has attracted thousands of people, more than double the population of the whole town for these drawings.

This is the 50th weekly drawing. So far, no winner.

More than $2 million is now up for grabs with this week's drawing.

And guess what?

There were cheers here in Garrettsville. The card drawn today was the nine of hearts so they'll all be back here next Sunday for a likely $3 million prize.

It's a game of chance called "Queen of Hearts." Here's how it works.

There's a board with a deck of cards face down. They're sealed into the board, all mixed up.

The cards are numbered. The bowling alley sells raffle tickets.

People buy a ticket and write a number on the it of where they think the queen of hearts is hiding on the board.

One raffle ticket gets picked.

If the person's number is the queen of hearts, they win the progressive jackpot.

If they're present, they win 90 percent of the prize. If they're not here, they only get 50 percent.

That's why thousands of people show up for the drawing.


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