Raise Up Cleveland vows to put minimum wage issue on CLE ballot

The group promoting a Cleveland-only higher minimum wage -- Raise Up Cleveland -- is declaring it will take its issue to a vote of the people.

The date is yet to be determined.

Friday was a deadline for Cleveland City Council to take action based on petitions the group argues should put a proposal on the November ballot.

The issue of forcing the issue on the ballot remains in front of the Ohio Supreme Court.

The group originally proposed a jump to $15-an-hour to Cleveland workers starting next year.

But it modified its proposal to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour with yearly increases until the $15 goal was met.

Jocelyn Smallwood, the Raise Up Cleveland spokesperson, said, "After months of urging from the community and the presentation of thousands of signatures to City Council to file for the ballot, representatives of the people have once again chosen to put politics first...Time will show that when all is said and done, those who stand on the side of those who are trying to life themselves up out of poverty have the moral high ground."

It now seems likely the group will wind up trying to put the issue on the ballot sometime next year.

City leaders oppose any Cleveland-only increase, arguing it will hurt businesses and workers in the city.

Council's next scheduled meeting is Monday.

Members could set a special election date or wait until the next regular election.

With 5,000 additional signatures, the SEIU could get an additional 5,000 additional  signatures to set a special election.


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