Space station to be seen tonight across northern Ohio

CLEVELAND -- The International Space Station is once again flying over northern Ohio.

For the past several weeks, the orbital path of the station has given northern Ohio very few opportunities to see it. Most of the recent passes have occurred during the wee hours of the morning.

Cleveland State University astronomer Jay Reynolds says northern Ohio will once again be able to see the station with a great nine minute pass tonight with clear skies expected across the area.

Thursday night's pass information:

  • 9:08 pm - Rises in the west, southwest sky
  • 9:14 pm - Peaks at 50 degrees in the north, northwest sky
  • 9:17 pm - Sets in the northeast sky

Reynolds also says sky gazers can see the planets Saturn and Mars in the western sky around dusk.

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is also getting started and you might see a few early shooting stars. The peak of the shower will occur early next week, although a full supermoon may keep the sky too bright to get a great viewing this year.

You can see other upcoming viewing opportunities of the space station HERE:

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