Your rights when plowed by a snow plow

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS -- Ever since January 24th, when Shannon O'Connor gets into her car she's reminded of being plowed by a snow plow. There's a huge dent in her passenger front fender, but she knows it could have been worse.

O'Connor says she was stopped at a four way stop and when she proceeded through a city snow plow crashed into her. She says it happened like it was in slow motion. She remembers what she was thinking.

"He's not stopping he's gonna hit me this probably won't be too bad I'm just going to hold on and pray for the best thank God my kids weren't in the car I just dropped my son off," O'Connor says.

The snow plow did sound its horn to warn her.

Police told her to contact her insurance. She wasn't sure why that was until her agent explained.

"She said there's this thing called Sovereign Immunity where city's and their employees are not liable.

According to legal experts, Sovereign Immunity is a concept by which a government agency or employee can escape liability for certain actions or omissions, even where a private person or entity would be held liable for damages.

So chances are the city is off the hook, and O'Connor will pay the price which she estimates to be around $1,800 to fix the fender. She wants others to be aware.

"This was really a warning to my neighbors that this can happen and it's really dangerous," O'Connor says.

She may try to fight it, but experts say it may not be easy to win.

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