New hashtag #ThisisCLE wants to see your city

CLEVELAND -- New research is showing Cleveland, as a city, and even just a word, means different things to different people.

Data collected by Positively Cleveland showed that only 34 percent of people living in Cuyahoga County would recommend the city as a place to visit. Now they're hoping you can help change that.

Using the hashtag, #ThisisCLE, they hope to build an impression, aggregated from the photos and experiences of the people who know Cleveland best.

The idea is pretty simple, and businessman Sam McNulty and other Clevelanders are hoping you'll play along: Take a photo of your slice of Cleveland and hashtag it #ThisisCLE.

"All it is is storytelling. We're telling the story of our city. Plain and simple," said McNulty.

Positively Cleveland is hoping this grassroots campaign could really make a difference in the dollars Cleveland tourism pulls in.

"Our job right now, based on the research, is we've got to change the narrative of what people think of the word Cleveland," said David Gilbert, Positively's president and CEO.

Gilbert says the research also showed the importance of local perception -- showing that it's the second biggest impact on tourism after online recommendations.

The hashtag you'll find on twitter, Instagram and, is just part of a greater campaign built by Positively Cleveland. The rest of it will roll out in a few weeks at its annual meeting.

"If there are things you like about Cleveland, talk about it," said Gilbert. "And there are so many great things that people like, and everybody likes something different."

Just two weeks from the 38th annual Cleveland International Film Festival, alongside hashtag #ciff, organizers will use the new campaign to help spread the word.

"We have such a strong and engaged social media community that follows the film festival on Facebook, on twitter, on Instagram, and on YouTube, we're going to be pushing it out on there, and I think people are just going to be grabbing it and using it," said Patrick Shepherd with Cleveland International Film Festival.


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