Parents angry about sex ed book

FREMONT, Calif. -- At Fremont's six high schools, 2,400 incoming freshman are expected to take required health education.

The district just bought a course book for the class, acknowledging it's written for college-age.

Some parents are appalled.

"Some topics are not safe for youth to be introduced to at that age," Janine Weston says. "Things like sexting and online dating."

The new book also mentions oral sex, masturbation and bondage.

An online petition sprang up with many demanding the district withdraw the book.

There's even a planned legal action.

Becky Bruno, who has a freshman son, was about to sign the petition, but stopped by the school to read the book for herself first.

She said some parents made her feel a little uneasy.

"I came here expecting to see things that would make me go, 'I don't want this book, withdraw it.' After viewing it, that is not how I feel."

The district says the book hasn't been used in California high schools before, but only about 20 pages of 400 are on sex.

School officials say the books are not to leave the classroom.

"The teacher doesn't teach every single page and every single item in the text book," unified superintendent Jim Morris says. "The teacher really says what are the parts I need to use in order to meet the California standard."

The first day of school is in just more two weeks, and the district says it plans to have each of its high school health ed classrooms stocked with copies of this new book.


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