Plane was still in contact when it was programmed to divert

At the moment Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was programmed to go off course, the pilot and co-pilot were still able to communicate with the nearest tower.

New information indicates the plane was already programmed to go off course at least twenty minutes before the copilot said "goodnight" over radios.

"The most logical explanation is that there was some intentional act, either by a member of the flight crew -- or someone in the cabin with access to the flight deck that incapacitated the pilots," says Cleveland attorney Jamie Lebovitz, who specializes in aviation disasters.

One widely held theory published Tuesday in "Wired" magazine argued that the simplest theory -- a fire aboard -- may explain the mid-flight turn and the actions of the pilot.

"An aircraft fire is not what I would call among the more likely scenarios," Lebovitz told Channel 3. "The types of wires on board the Boeing 777 are designed to self-extinguish, so that you wouldn't have a raging fire all at once. There would be time to troubleshoot."


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