Terrorist incidents fuel Trump/Clinton campaign trail debate

Terrorist attacks fuel campaign trail debate

There's 50 days left in the Presidential campaign.

And uncontrollable events are being closely watched for their impact on polls and voters.

Monday both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were talking about the weekend terrorist bombings and knife attack with each claiming they are the best choice to protect the United States.

Donald Trump said, " We are living in a time, we better get tough folks." He tweeted "The failed Obama and Hillary Clinton policies won't keep us safe."

Hillary Clinton stressed her experience to a crowd of college students in Philadelphia and in a later press conference.

"We will defeat the evil twisted idealogy of the terrorists. I''m the only candidate who has been part of hard decisions to take terrorists off the battle field, " she said.

She claimed, " A lot of the rhetoric we've heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular ISIS because they are looking to making this a war against Islam.....We need steady leadership in a dangerous world."

Clinton also addressed young people concerned about her  e-mails controversy and transparency..

She said she's always been better with the "service" part of Public Service than the "public" part.

The candidates debated from a distance on the campaign trail.

Next Monday night, they will face off in the first of three debates.


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