Cedar Point | Pipe Scream track completed

SANDUSKY -- Cedar Point is one step closer to bringing new screams to Lake Erie's shores.

Crews have finished construction on Pipe Scream's track and have placed the ride's 15,000-pound gondola.

Pipe Scream, which is a Disk'O Coaster, takes thrillseekers on a spinning journey along 302 feet of track. It reaches a maximum height of 43 feet and tops out at speeds of 43 mph.

Testing on Pipe Scream, which is one of several new features to the Gemini Midway, is expected to begin in April.

Park spokesperson Bryan Edwards says the ride will be ready for opening day, which comes on Saturday, May 10.

"The crews have been doing an amazing job considering the weather hurdles that they have had to overcome."

Since this isn't a traditional coaster-style attraction, fans were curious if Cedar Point would still classify Pipe Scream a roller coaster.

"Yes," Edwards says in an e-mail. "It combines the best of a roller coaster and a flat ride in one!"

With the addition of GateKeeper last year, Cedar Point now has 17 roller coasters.

Kings Island, a sister park in Cincinnati, features a Snoopy-themed Disk'O Coaster known as Surf Dog.

Soon, crews will begin erecting Lake Erie Eagles, another new Cedar Point ride for the 2014 season just a few steps away from Pipe Scream. Known as a Flying Scooters attraction, Lake Erie Eagles takes riders in one of eight carriages that are suspended from arms more than 28 feet above the ground. As the ride cycle starts, the carriages will swing outward with guests able to alter their personal experience from "mild to wild" by moving a paddle attached to their carriage.

Plans to build Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles were announced last August.

Late last month, Cedar Point confirmed rumors of a third ride that would be added this year. SlingShot, which catapults two riders at a time 360 feet into the sky at speeds up to 60 mph, will be an upcharge attraction.

Construction on SlingShot will begin later this spring near the Gemini racing roller coaster's station.

In addition, Cedar Point is adding several new food options, constructing new cabins and revamping Hotel Breakers.

Meanwhile, Kings Island has completed construction on Banshee -- the world's longest inverted roller coaster -- and began testing the record-setting scream machine last week.

Ride animation of Banshee:


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