Moe Knows: Parkway vs. driveway

Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway? Many of our viewers -- and WKYC"s John Anderson -- have been wondering about the age-old rhetorical question.

So, due to popular demand, we found the answer to the mystery in this week's "Moe Knows."

Nearly every town has a parkway. Nearly every home has a driveway. But we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway.

Did Merriam Webster get confused or is there a logical explanation?

Let's break down each word. Both has the word "way" in it, which means "path."

Historically, a "parkway" meant a path through a park. It has nothing to do with actually parking the car.

The word "driveway" came to be when more and more homes added a driving path from the street to either to garage or home.

That's how you ended up with parkway and driveway.

Here's another: Why is it called a hamburger if it's made from beef?

It was originally called a hamburg steak, getting its origin from Hamburg, Germany.

With the passage of time, it dropped the "steak" and added an "er." Thus, the "hamburger."

And since we're on a roll: Why is a boxing ring square?

In the early days of the sport, the spectators would hold a ring of rope. As boxing evolved and crowds grew, the rope was held by four stakes in the ground, creating the square shape.


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