Secret ride coming to Cedar Point?

SANDUSKY -- Cedar Point seems to have a secret attraction up its sleeve...

An apparent recent filing with the Federal Aviation Administration lists a "2014 Sling Shot Ride" with a proposed height of 236 feet and construction schedule from March 7 through June 7.

Cedar Point nor Cedar Fair's names appear on the FAA listing, but coordinates reveal the construction site in Sandusky at the eastern tip of the Gemini racing roller.

When looking at satellite image, the blue circle within the green box indicates the exact location when plugging in the provided coordinates.

This is the same area currently undergoing a major overhaul where crews are working to install a pair of previously announced attractions -- Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles -- for the upcoming season.

Upon request for comment Wednesday, park spokesperson Bryan Edwards says, "We have no new projects to announce at this time."

FAA filing: See the exact listing

VIDEO: Pipe Scream ride animation

VIDEO: Lake Erie Eagles ride animation

Based on a map of the area, it seems a sling shot ride's small footprint could fit into the space.

What is a sling shot ride?

Kings Island, a Cedar Fair sister park near Cincinnati, has a sling shot attraction. It's a thrill ride in which two people sit inside a capsule that is propelled into the sky at speeds up to 100 mph.

"Riders will experience weightlessness, rapid movements from side-to-side and rapidly changing forces and directions," Kings Island's Web site explains of their version.

Cedar Point fan sites like PointBuzz have become a hotbed of chatter regarding this apparent attraction.

"It's funny, ever since the midway refresh was announced, I was wondering what, if anything, they were going to do with that area in front of Gemini," one PointBuzz poster writes. "Always seemed like a poor use of real estate."

Another fan exclaimed their excitement about the possibility of a sling shot ride coming to the shores of Lake Erie saying, "I agree this would be a great addition to Cedar Points sky line. Although it probably would not be a featured ride I think it is a good addition for people who really like a thrill. If they add this for this season I am for sure going to ride it."

Could this simply be speculation? Stay tuned...

Cedar Point opens for the 2014 season on Saturday, May 10.


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