Swine Flu found at Ashtabula County Fair

Rare swine flu variant found in pigs

ASHTABULA COUNTY - Two people who went to the Ashtabula county fair in August came down with what's called "variant swine flu,” according to the State Health Department.

It's a type of swine flu passed from animals to humans and is rare.

The Geauga County fair begins Thursday.

WKYC Channel 3’s Hilary Golston went to the fairgrounds ahead of its opening to see if any extra precaution is being taken.

Signs have been posted informing people not to take food inside of pig areas, and to wash hands after exiting.

If you haven't heard of the this variant version of swine flu, that's ok. It really rare.

The Centers for Disease Control says this type of swine flu is spread when someone is exposed to a pig sick with the virus.

We gathered most of our info from the CDC.

Workers who are in the swine industry are at risk, but going to a fair is another way to contract this type of flu.

There's no reason to avoid the fair, but knowing what the risks are can make all the difference. 

The variant of swine flu we're taking about is H3N2v.

The CDC says this type of flu is usually mild. Symptoms are similar to the seasonal flu.

However, in 2012 of 309 human infections, 16 people were hospitalized and one died. 

To contract the virus, a person must be exposed to an infected pig.

If the infected swine sneezes or coughs, droplets containing the virus could land in your nose or mouth.

Touching something that has the virus on it and not washing your hands and then touching your nose or mouth could also result in contracting the disease.

Some patients may come down with variant swine flu by inhaling particles that have the virus.

Scientists don't know how infection is most likely to occur.

To avoid getting the flu steer clear of pigs if you already have the flu.

Don't take food into pig areas or eat anything while you're there.

Keep toys and any baby paraphernalia like bottles away from pig areas.

Don't get close to pigs if they look ill.

Wash your hands before and after touching pigs or being in their areas. 


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