Atlanta neighbors plan protest against Justin Bieber?

I am not a fan of Justin Bieber, not a fan of his music or his antics, many of them criminal, to my way of thinking. That being said, I am also a staunch believer (pun intended) in someone's right to live where they want to.

CNN reported late Sunday morning that neighbors in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta have organized a protest for 6 a.m. Monday to protest the possibility of Bieber buying an on-the-market mansion there. It was started by resident Harold White and his wife even created a Protest Justin Bieber moving to Buckland Facebook page to gather supporters.

A Sunday afternoon update on the page moved the protest from in front of the mansion for sale to the corner of Blackland and Roswell roads, presumably at the request of police. It's worth a look at the page to see that not everyone agrees with White.

I believe in the right to protest against what you believe is wrong but I also believe everyone has a right to live where they want to, as long as they don't do anything illegal. Yes, he is causing a furor with his behavior that can endanger others but you can't blame someone for something they haven't done yet or might do.

No, I wouldn't want Bieber as a neighbor. Yes, I see where others may think the same but I think they need to do something else, but.... what to do? I don't know.

All I do know is I wouldn't move somewhere where I wasn't wanted. With our recent Northeast Ohio weather, I want to move to somewhere warm more than ever, have wanted to for some time.

But I'm not famous, I don't draw attention to myself with bad behavior and I would hope the neighbors would like me.

No one close to Bieber has confirmed he is even looking there but TMZ reported that he was looking to buy the multi-million-dollar mansion.

White says he is concerned about Bieber's antics affecting the neighborhood.

Bieber, who's only 19, has gained too much attention for his off-the-stage behavior than his music lately. Let's review.

He was in Toronto recently after being arrested and accused of assaulting a limo driver back in December. Then there's the egging of his neighbor's house Jan. 9 in the affluent neighborhood of the Oaks in Calabasas, California. That's where he has a $6.5 million mansion.

Add to that the drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license charges last month in Miami Beach.

Wait. Calabasas? Isn't that where the Kardashians are? Isn't that from whence Bruce Jenner fled to get a life of his own? Isn't Calabasas the "mother ship" for behavior to gain attention? Why would Bieber move from there? He should stay there. Or maybe just go home to Canada where he can move into Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's neighborhood. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Let's see how all this pans out Monday. I mean, Atlanta's had enough weather trouble lately so let's see how they handle the "Biebs."


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