Skeptics turned believers lead ghost-hunting tours

For some Halloween or All Hallows' Eve is the perfect night to have a close encounter with the spirit world, and ghost hunting tours are growing in popularity.

Since September, more than 1,000 people have visited the Farnam Manor in Richfield to participate in their spirit lantern tour, retracing the steps of the Farnam family, who lived in the home during the early 1800s.

"Sometimes we hear things, sometimes objects move. We can also communicate with the spirits through a candle flame," explained Kathleen Magner, a caretaker of the property. "There's been legend that there were spirits here for over 150 years."

Skeptics at first themselves, Kathleen and her husband, Tim, admit they never paid much attention to paranormal activity until now.

"We weren't paranormal people," explained Tim Magner.

"People used to knock on the door and say 'You know the place is haunted don't you?' ... And we would close the door and laugh in their face," recalled Kathleen.

However all that changed when the Magners both had close encounters with the spirits they say still reside at the manor.

"We've kind of become the Beetlejuice couple -- we just live with the spirits," laughed Kathleen.

By day the Farnam Manor serves as a museum run with the help of the Ohio Historical Society.

Spirit tours are conducted at night and will continue through this Saturday.

"There's been a lot of skeptics that left believers -- that's all I gotta say," said Tim Magner.


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