Super Bowl party foods: Are you pronouncing them right?

Aside from being Groundhog Day, Sunday is the Super Bowl where the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will fight it out in New Jersey.

It's the perfect excuse to eat but what American needs an excuse to eat? And the Chinese New Year kicks off the Year of the Horse on Friday. Is that an omen as to which team will win?

And I can't tell you how many times I have mistyped Broncos as "Browncos" this week. Wishful thinking, maybe?

But I digress.

Anyway, if you are going to a Super Bowl party or just indulging at home, I have found out that some people can't pronounce what they are eating.

So, I ventured over to Eat24, an online restaurant food delivery website, and saw that they had compiled a list of mispronunciations of food items, many of which I have heard mispronounced this past week.

Here is the list:

Bruschetta: (broo-sket-tah, not broo-shedda) The "ch" in Italian words gets the "k" sound. Meanwhile, "ci" or "ce" gets the soft "ch" sound. So ceci, the Italian word for chickpea, is pronounced che-chee.

Gnocchi: (nyawk-kee, not ga-nachee) Calling it potato pasta doesn't sound nearly as sexy.

Espresso: (e-spres-oh, not ex-presso) This is the one that drives me crazy, especially in this "coffee-mad" culture. (Yes, Batman, I know you can pronounce Dunkin Donuts so I wasn't talking about you)

Chipotle: (chi-poht-ley, not chi-pottel) And this, by the way, is a smoked, dried jalapeno

Beignet: (ben-yay, not beg-net) If you've been to New Orleans or went to school at Tulane, you know this.

Sriracha: Eat 24 maintains it's shree-ra-cha, the New York Times says it's SIR-rotch-ah, so take your pick

Quinoa: (keen-wah, not kwin-no-a) I side with the guy on the TV commercial who says it looks like an old loofa when it's in a patty

Gyro: (yee-row or zheer-oh, but not ji-ro) Folks, it rhymes with hero

Quesadilla (key-suh-dee-uh, not kwes-ah-dilla) I don't know anyone who can't pronounce this but Eat24 has it on the list

Pho: (fuh, not fo) How could you not know this?

So, what would you add to this list? Go Browncos!!!!

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