Speakin' Sports: Browns need to commit to a quarterback

5:20 PM, Feb 11, 2010   |    comments
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For the Cleveland Browns, the off-season is much like the film "Groundhog Day," because, once again, we are left to wonder who will be the Browns quarterback?

When you watch the Super Bowl -- and a record 160 million people did -- you can only come to one conclusion. In order to win in the National Football League, you need a quarterback.

While the Browns did manage five wins this season, none of those victories were the result of the quarterback.

The Browns have been trying everything since 1999, from drafting young quarterbacks to bringing in veterans, to schooling young quarterbacks, and nothing has worked.

Part of the problem is the Browns organization has been in flux during that same time period.

The Browns will not be able to move forward until they decide on a quarterback and commit to him through wins and losses.


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