Speakin' Sports: Cleveland still a long way from signing LeBron James

11:45 AM, Jun 3, 2010   |    comments
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LeBron James knows he can get the most money from the Cavaliers. But there are other considerations for LeBron in signing his next deal.

So come July 1, he will be 'wined and dined' by all the NBA contenders. It's a process that LeBron never had the chance to experience since he went directly from high school to the NBA. No college recruiters ever came knocking.

After all the hopefuls make their presentations, LeBron will have to decide which roster offers him the best chance to get a title.

The Cavs won't have much wiggle room to make roster moves if they offer LeBron a max contract. The current roster may not be enough to convince LeBron to stay.

A year from now the Cavs would be in a position to make more moves, but not now. Will that ultimately hurt their chances in making their case to LeBron?

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