Speakin' Sports: Odds good for Cavs keeping LeBron James

12:40 PM, Jul 1, 2010   |    comments
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For some, this day has been feared since LeBron signed his last contract with Cleveland. Fans have constantly been measuring the Cavaliers and Cleveland up against the other cities and teams that want to sign LeBron.

But the Cavaliers and the team's fans should be proud of what they have accomplished and done for LeBron James. No city or fans could have shown a greater level of support.

Cleveland's current roster isn't perfect since it was built to make championship runs the last two years and structured around the July 1, 2010 deadline. But the other teams courting LeBron aren't perfect either.

What Cleveland has that no other city can offer is the safety of home. For that reason and others, the Cavaliers stand a very good chance of keeping LeBron James for a bit longer.

To hear more, play the video from Jim Donovan.


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