You can see 'The Tribe' on a dime

8:01 PM, May 22, 2012   |    comments
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  • CLEVELAND -- It's been the talk for days...low attendance for the first-place Cleveland Indians.

    How can the Tribe be number one in the division but dead last in attendance?

    The majority of you say it's the money.

    Hitting a home run at Progressive Field for the fans these is finding affordable parking, tickets and snacks.

    You've seen the special events parking price but we found all-day parking for $2.25. It's in the shadow of the U.S. federal courthouse near The Flats.

    If you can stand the walk, it's $1.50 all day at East 16th Street and Davenport Avenue.

    "If you're up for walking it, I guess. Buck 50 is not bad, yeah, it's not too bad," Tribe Fan Nick Staikoff said.

    You're permitted a soft-sided bag 16 inches by16 inches by eight inches. You can fill it full of your own snacks and take it into Progressive Field.

    If it's hotdogs you crave, street cart vendor Dan Alexander has $1.50 dogs . He says it beats the Progressive Field price by more then half.

    "Right before game time, they will come up and buy three or four dogs and put them in a bag and take them to the stadium," Alexander said.

    Do know, there's no outside alcohol permitted.

    How about a refreshing bottled water? New this year, you're allowed to bring one sealed 20-ounce serving

    And $9 gets you a nose-bleed seat in Progressive Field but, for $1 more, you can sit in the bleachers next to the home run porch.


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