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Cavs fans don't beat odds, but happy with 4th pick

2:50 AM, May 31, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Ken Oerkfitz, of Strongsville, proudly sat in the same chair at the same table as he did last year at the Cavaliers' official NBA Lottery Draft Party at the Cadillac Ranch Bar and Grill Wednesday night in downtown Cleveland.

"Last year we were here at this table and we got the number one pick," said Oerkfitz.

Hundreds packed the party to bring the team good luck.

Some crossed their fingers. Others wore bow-ties -- just like Cavs owner Dan Gilbert's young son, who was again in New York with his superstitious dad.

Their efforts to beat the odds didn't work.

At first, the crowd cheered every time a lower draft pick was announced, and it wasn't the Cavs.

Then came the number four pick -- and a chorus of, "awwwww!"

"I'm not bummed out at all. Happy with fourth. We'll get what we want," said one Cavs fan.

"We were hoping for a top 3 pick, but gotta put our faith in the [Cavaliers] front office," said fan Johnny Faddoul.

Oerkfitz was jokingly taking the blame.

"I know, and I feel badly that it's my fault."

While the superstitions didn't hold true, fans say the future is looking brighter for the Cavaliers.

"The key was Kyrie last year. This [pick] is only going to speed up the process," said one fan.


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