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Mentor: Neighbors try to help deer entangled in thick wire

9:30 AM, Aug 21, 2012   |    comments
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MENTOR -- Marty Uhler tosses quartered apples into the wooded area of her Mentor backyard.

It seems like a small gesture but it's a big deal to neighbors who are hoping to come to the aid of a deer that ran into trouble.

"It's very upsetting," Uhler said. "I get tears in my eyes when I see her."

A couple of months ago, Uhler spotted a doe entangled in thick wire from someone's fencing.

"I saw it was an actual wire that's totally engorged around her abdomen now, and it goes down her hind leg, and it's wrapped around her hind leg," Uhler explained. 

The doe and its two fawns were seen in the area as recently as Sunday. After weeks, with the wire wrapped around its belly, the wire is now embedded in the deer's flesh.

However, neighbor Sandy Jones says it's not clear how much it is suffering.

"It actually limps a little bit, but it doesn't look like it's truly in a lot of pain," Jones said.

Neighbors called state wildlife officials who paid a visit and explained that tranquilizing the animal is not an option; not just because of the unpredictability of deer, but because of the off-chance that the tranquilized deer is later harvested for human consumption.

The only options are to euthanize the deer or just let nature take its course.

Jamey Graham, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, says it may be uneasy to watch, but letting nature take its course is the best-case scenario.

"If and when it perishes, it will very likely feed hungry predators such as coyotes, turkey vultures, or small mammals; a good representation of how the food chain works," said Graham.

Neighbors like Uhler hope it's a reminder for people to be more careful when securing wire fencing, since she believes someone's carelessness is to blame.

"I don't think anybody did it intentionally, but I'm just sorry she fell into it," Uhler said.


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