Browns player Al 'Bubba' Baker remembers Modell

7:50 AM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Former Cleveland Browns defensive end Al "Bubba" Baker remembers former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell.

Baker, 55, said he was "truly grateful to Art Modell for giving him the chance to play for the Cleveland Browns."

He said he came to the Browns from the St Louis Cardinals and remembers Modell "as a man who gave people a second chance and he did leave behind positive memories."

Baker said  Modell gave his (bakers) teamate Ozzie Newsome the opportunity to be a general manager of a team -- the Baltimore Ravens -- and Newsome "was a great general manager at that."

Baker said he remembers when he was in an elevator with Modell and Modell congratulated him on a big game.

Baker said he was truly grateful for Art Modell and sends his condolences to his family.

Baker has lived in Avon since he rejoined the Browns in 1989 --he first came to the team in 1987, left to play with the Minnesota Vikings, and rejoined the team in 1989.

Modell died Thursday morning at the age of 87.


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