Is a dome even possible for Cleveland Browns Stadium?

6:05 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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A simple question at City Hall between council and new Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam has rekindled a decades-old debate.

Could a dome or retractable roof ever be a possibility for Cleveland Browns Stadium?

"If you get a retractable roof on the stadium, now you have year-round possibilities. ... That was the major missing link when they constructed Browns Stadium." Councilman Mike Polensek says he's been an advocate of doming Cleveland Browns Stadium since construction. "We didn't do it, and we've paid a terrible price for it ever since."

But what price would it cost to do it now? Is it even a possibility?

In 2006, architect Bob Corna showed us his design of a sliding panel roof built on towers over the stadium.

He claimed then it could cost $70 to $90 million dollars.  

Today's price tag?  Suprisingly potentially much lower in the $45 to $50 million range.

But it may be worth the cost when you consider:

A city makes an average of $400 million to host a Super Bowl.

An NCAA Men's Final Four game can generate about $100 million for its host.

Even a Big Ten Championship can pull in $20 million.

Other money makers include political conventions, bowl games, high school playoffs, and concerts.

Haslam has made no promises but has said he will have the nation's best stadium architects in to look at all options for the stadium.


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