CVNP Deer Management Plan ready

6:15 PM, Jul 30, 2013   |    comments
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  • CVNP Deer Plan Comments
  • PENINSULA, Ohio -- Cuyahoga Valley National Park unviels draft of plan to manage white tail deer herd.

    After six years of research and study, resource managers in the CVNP finally have a plan to get numbers of white tailed deer down to a manageable level.

    Right now, they estimate 41 deer per square mile of the park, down from a high of 142 per square mile in 2002. There are four choices of how to manage the deer, from no management to lethal intervention to blocking reproduction.

    "The park is recommending a mix of direct reductions of the herd using sharpshooters and a capture/euthanize strategy coupled with non-lethal methods such as fencing and reproductive control," said CVNP Chief of Resource management Lisa Petit.

    The draft now goes through a period of public comment. You can read the plan and leave comments on the park website, which is linked below, or attend a public open house on August 14 from 1-3PM and 6-8PM. The meeting will be held at Happy Days Lodge, 500 W. Streetsboro Road, in Peninsula.

    Once passed, the final plan will go into effect in 2014


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