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Coyotes in Westlake alarm some residents

7:30 PM, Aug 14, 2013   |    comments
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  • WESTLAKE -- A resident whose dog has had run-ins with coyotes twice in the last month wants to warn others..

    Patty Wilde's dog "Johnny Boy" just can't get a break. He's encountered coyotes while out playing in the yard. The first time was at night. 

    "I heard him yelp, so I turned on the flashlight and I saw two coyotes with him," Wilde said.

    Coyote/human contact is not uncommon. The adaptable canines have learned to live with humans. They'll eat just about anything from nuts and berries to small animals or garbage. 

    Most coyote confrontations stem from a territorial dispute. Either the coyote is defending its territory, or a pet is defending its territory.

    There are many studies under way in Northeast Ohio. Most prominently, Metro Parks Serving Summit County collaborated with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Cleveland Metroparks and other groups to track the wild dogs with radio collars.

    A video about the process can be found through the link below.

    The most important thing people can do is educate themselves about coyotes and their habits. The Ohio Division of Wildlife and many of our county park districts have Web pages dedicated to coyotes.

    If you see one, don't panic. Slowly leave the area. Always make sure your pets are on a leash if outside, and don't leave food sources like cat and dog food outside.

    For more information on coyotes, you can call the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center at (440) 871-2900 to speak to a wildlife professional.

    To read up on coyotes, follow the links provided. 


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