Boston sports writer who bashed Cavs, CLE: "I apologize"

CLEVELAND -- In his latest publication, Boston Globe sports writer Dan Shaughnessy trashes not only Cleveland sports fans, but the city too.


Shaughnessy claims the Cavaliers' win on Sunday offered a ray of hope to the city -- a chance to place the city back on the radar. In some way, the hype in the city looked quite pathetic when they dropped confetti from Quicken Loans Arena, he says.

"It seemed a little over the top. A little needy. Confetti? Really? First round? First game? Against a sub.-500 team?"

Fans have undergone decades of suffering with the city's sports teams who haven't won major championship since 1964. He says he can't really blame these folks.

"LeBron and the Cavaliers are important because Cleveland is dead or dying, and there hasn't been a team to make the city feel good about itself since Lyndon Baines Johnson was in the White House."

True, but harsh. Teams have been rampant with drama. He references the Browns quarterback situation. Johnny Manizel, who recently left rehab, made an appearance at Sunday's game. The Indians struggling to fill the stands.

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In an interview with WKYC's Alyssa Raymond, Shaughnessy said, "I apologize if I offended any Clevelanders, because I really like it here."

Although Shaughnessy claims, "I love this city," he says, "it is a hungry place, peppered with people with hungry faces."

He continues to harp on the city's lack of development, describing it as a "sad space with many vacant buildings and boarded-up stores."

"The city is quiet on weekends and empty on weeknights after the workforce goes home. It feels like the local economy runs on lottery tickets."

Desperation is what he calls it. It's been a tumultuous relationship, but other locals may think differently.

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Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish released the following response to Mr. Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe Columnist:

"Mr. Shaughnessy, we are so glad you've taken the time to take note of the affordability of Cleveland, Ohio. You're right, you can buy a $3 beer right downtown. You can also live in a beautiful, inexpensive home in a nice, safe neighborhood and still have a 15 minute commute to work, enjoy the Cleveland Orchestra, appreciate one of the largest theater districts in the nation, and of course, cheer on our beloved sports team. That's just Cleveland.

"I did notice, though, that you might have missed a few other great things about our city. Just down the way from Flannery's Pub and Horseshoe Casino, establishments we are no doubt proud of, is a thriving entertainment district we call East Fourth. You can visit one of dozens of restaurants, including those run by world renowned chefs like Michael Symon and Jonathon Sawyer. If you took a little bit longer of a walk, you'd see that downtown boosts thousands of residents and an occupancy rate of nearly 98%. It seems that we can't build downtown apartments fast enough for all of the folks clamoring to live here! Our city is tough and, yes, we are revitalizing. You can see that at Public Square, where are a constructing a beautiful, downtown park, or at the brand new, world-class Cleveland Convention Center. National publications have certainly taken notice, maybe you missed the articles. Check out this, or this, or even this. If you don't have time, it should be no worry, you can always stop by next summer when we host the 2016 Republican National Convention and 50,000 visitors.

"Again, thanks for your interest. Looking forward to having you back in town tonight! Go Cavs!"

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