John's Take: Cavs fire GM Grant, but don't expect quick changes on court

Firing Chris Grant does nothing to improve your team right now. It punishes for past mistakes and bad drafts.

But players don't play for a GM. They get their checks from him.

Sometimes the firing of a coach gives a team a spurt, but usually even that is short-lived. Top to bottom, this franchise is a mess. You have a coach no one listens to. There are rumors your star player Kyrie Irving wants out. Teammates don't get along.. And some of them may be looking for their own "get out of jail" card. Luol Deng won't be staying.

Firing your GM isn't a quick fix. If you want that, there's a guy in Miami who is the perfect solution, but I'm not sure he would even come back now. The longer term approach is start making smart decisions.

And to owner Dan Gilbert, my take yesterday was you need to give out refunds after that pitiful effort against the Lakers. You then talked about value in your news conference.

Mr. Gilbert, in your other business, you have made many people happy by putting them in homes. You've made dreams come true.

But now, you need to take care of the people who rent a little space from you on game nights. They spend good money, and what have they gotten in return? A bad basketball team that doesn't play hard. You called this a playoff team. Boy to me, that sounds like false advertising.

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