John's Take: Tanking in the NBA for draft picks

I want to talk about tanking in the NBA. Basically quitting to get a better chance in the draft lottery.

If you don't think this happens, look at the Lakers box score from last night. A 48 point loss to the Clippers. The Lakers right now are the third best team in LA behind the Clippers and UCLA.

My Take: Why win? This is about ping-pong balls.

The Lakers started "losing" in the second quarter, out-scored 44-13. It's the worst loss in team history and they're the worst team in the West. I know they're missing Kobe and Nash, but their best days are long gone.

More tanking: The Sixers have lost 15 straight, and they still have a better record than the 12-48 Milwaukee Bucks. I don't blame the players and coaches, but the front offices of these teams that have put them in these losing positions. They have done nothing to improve.

I get it. This could be one of the best NBA drafts in years. Tank and you can win the lottery.

Just making the playoffs doesn't get you anywhere in the NBA. It's no man's land. If the Cavs make it, they're rewarded with Indiana or Miami in the first round and no lottery pick.

Here's an idea that's out there. Maybe the NBA should reward the final two teams that make the playoffs, the number eight seeds, and let them skip to the front of the line for the draft. The NBA would then send the message: You tried hard, you accomplished one of your goals, so we want you to get better ahead of the teams that just mailed it in. A 48 point loss. That's the definition of tanking.


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