John's Take: The Phil Jackson factor on the Cavs

LeBron James being back here tonight is not the only big return in the NBA. Today the Knicks introduced Phil Jackson as their new president, meaning he will make all the basketball decisions.

Only one game separates the Knicks and Cavs right now. But how far apart will they be in say, two years?

My take: today when Phil takes over, the Knicks will have the better future. Jackson brings star power to the job, a celebrity like-status.

Phil has 13 NBA titles as player and coach. That's 13 more than the Cavs franchise. Both teams have all-star players as foundations but both have negatives. Carmelo Anthony may not want to stay, and Kyrie Irving can not stay healthy. I'll take the younger Irving, but who's getting the next big free agent to walk through the door?

Are the Knicks now in play for LeBron? That could decide this argument. Phil Jackson knows how to win, on the court and on the bench but will it happen in the front office? I can guarantee one thing. Jackson will make sure more players take a look at New York, and sometimes that's all it takes.

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