John's Take: Slippery slope for NCAA

A decision by the Chicago district of the National Labor Relations Board states that athletes at Northwestern University should be considered employees.

This is just the first step of what will be years of legal battles.

But my take? We are on a slippery slope for college athletics.

I don't have a problem with this group of football players wanting guaranteed medical coverage in case something happens. But where the problem lies for me is calling them employees.

This is just the next chapter in trying to get athletes paid. They do get paid. The QB who led this fight, Kain Colter, received $76,000 a year in scholarship money. So If you're now an employee, can you be taxed on that?

If players are in a union, what will prevent a work stoppage? Strikes or lockouts? We've seen what those have done to the NBA and NHL. The fans get hurt there.

And I worry about the other athletes in the non-revenue sports. At many schools, the football program pays for all the other sports. If the pie begins to be split by more people and football players, does that mean there won't be any left for sports like women's field hockey, baseball, softball and wrestling? Will those athletes eventually get kicked to the curb with no scholarship money?

I have plenty of questions, just no answers. But I worry while some have plenty to gain, others have too much to lose.


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