Farmer knows what he wants at four

BEREA, Ohio -- Sometimes, all one can do is wait, and wait is exactly what Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer is doing ahead of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Unlike in past seasons, where the NFL Draft was held in late April, this year's annual selection meeting has been moved to Mother's Day weekend. But, if it were today, Farmer "absolutely" knows exactly what he would like to do.

"The question is, do I get to take him?" Farmer quipped during his pre-draft press conference Monday morning. "I wouldn't say I'm more likely to trade down. Anytime you talk about trades, you've got to have a partner. And then, you've got to have players you want at the spot you're going to.

"If there were five guys that I really loved, could I trade to six? I'd have to hope that somebody likes somebody else in their top five or six that would push one of the guys or two of the guys to me if that could be or potentially would be available."

Above all else, Farmer is concerned with adding the most talent he can to the roster with the 10 selections they currently have, including two in the first round and five in the first 83 picks.

"Can you get the right players for the Browns is what we're really focused on, and it's not a one year reclamation project," Farmer said. "It's not going to all be done when the draft ends where we're going to look at our team and say, 'Guess what, guys? We've got 53 of the best guys in the National Football League, bar none.'

"We like our team, and we think we're well on our way to getting where we want to go, but, as it stands right now, the more pieces you can add and the better those pieces are, the more excited we'll be as a team and the more excited the city will be with the names associated with those picks."

Based on his research and knowledge, Farmer believes he has a pretty good feel for how the draft will unfold in front of him, meaning what the Houston Texans (No. 1), St. Louis Rams (No. 2) and Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 3) will do before the Browns get on the clock with the fourth overall selection.

"I think there are five options that could go one, two and three," Farmer said. "I'm starting to narrow it down. It's a speculation game at this point. I'm not in anybody else's building, but inevitably, you start to slide down the scale of, 'What are those options? What do they look like? and what teams may be considering based on the information that we have.'"

While he has a feeling for what might happen, Farmer is playing the "game of figuring out" if trading down and acquiring more selections is something he would be willing to do.

As part of that process, Farmer is fielding phone calls from other general managers, including, by his estimate, eight to 10 over the past 24 hours and all of the league's decision-makers in the last week.

"It's a game of figuring out who you like, where you think you can get those players and use the ammunition that we have to put ourselves in a position to take the best players," Farmer said.

"I do have a sense. I'm starting to formulate some of those opinions as to who is interested, who may be interested, and who's available. Nobody wants to trade up if their guy's gone. That's the hard part. The interesting piece for us is really having a plan for what that trade would look like on the front end so that when you get to the moment, you try to negotiate what that looks like in a short period of time.

"You have some of those conversations to kind of prime the pump or set a standard for what your expectation is. When you look at the totality of, 'Is one player better this player and another player?' Then, you've got to consider those options."


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