John's Take: Does Hoyer give Browns best chance to win?

For my take this morning, I need to clear something up. A viewer wanted to know, "Hey John, when did you become such a big Johnny Manziel fan?"

I'm not. I never wanted the Browns to take him, but at some point, he's going to be the guy.

My point with Manziel is he's like the bicycle you give your child on Christmas morning and then say, "Well, you can't ride it today. It's too cold." Your child is dying to play with it. You finally give in and let him take it for a spin.

Manziel fans, the ones who have already made his jersey the best seller in the NFL, are dying to see him play. They don't want to wait for months. They want him in there now. And the longer it takes, the more disappointment sets in.

But if it were up to me, and it's not, the Browns are doing the right thing. Brian Hoyer gives you the best chance to win now. He has limited NFL experience, but he has some, and he has a better read on NFL defenses. Hoyer should be the guy.

But when you draft a quarterback at number 22, he's expected to play sooner rather than later. Aaron Rodgers was picked 24th, but the Packers could wait because they had Brett Favre. We don't have Brett Favre.

Can Hoyer be the guy to build this team into a winner, while Johnny Football waits? A winner, a playoff team? I don't know but he at least gives you the best chance.

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