John's Take: Is Manziel becoming a distraction?

The Indians are calling on Johnny Manziel to throw out the first pitch tonight, along with top pick Justin Gilbert. It's just the latest stop on the Johnny tour.

But are we now seeing signs that all this attention is getting to the other players?

Before the Browns even drafted Manziel, this was my concern. Remember, I said I was worried about his size, durability and the distraction factor.

I think it's setting in. Running back Ben Tate was asked if the attention is coming too soon. He said, "I feel like it. He hasn't played a down in the NFL yet.." He says he would get tired of people monitoring him. Tate called the attention annoying and said Manziel is a human being.

To start with, I don't hear "Johnny Football" complaining. I think he feeds off the attention. Why would he take pictures with almost all of Las Vegas?

Manziel is different. He's from Texas, but he acts like Hollywood. I said it before, you can't change him. You just have to deal with him.

Look back at the Tim Tebow situation. The Broncos tried to corral the attention and Tebow won some games, including a playoff game. Tebow went to the Jets and the attention caused a fiasco at training camp and the Jets paid for it: 6-10 and no playoffs.

The attention is not going away. Wait for training camp when more media will be asking the same questions. We're still 95 days away from the season opener. It's just getting started.


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