Tabor not a fan of rules changes

BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns special-teams coordinator Chris Tabor is not a big fan of rules changes on kickoffs and extra points.

Already having moved the kickoffs up to the 35-yard line instead of the 30, the NFL has looked into possibly eliminating the play altogether in order to cut down on the amount of violent collisions that result from having physically fit players run 50-plus yards at full speed in order to tackle the ball carrier.

Tabor is also not a fan of the idea of eliminating the extra point, which has been discussed because teams have had high success rates of converting the points-after touchdowns.

"That would be bad," Tabor said. "I'm not for that. I'm more of a football purest, I guess, so to speak. I grew up the son of a coach. Many times, I'd go out and fetch the tee, so I would hate that. I want to see the play still survive."

Before removing the extra-point try from the game, the NFL is going with the idea of moving it back this preseason.

During the first two preseason games, the extra-point tries will begin from the 20-yard line, meaning the attempts will go from a 20-yard kick to a 38-yard kick. The NFL will study the results and then, the competition committee will decide whether or not to make it a permanent change.

"I think it's different for us, being a cold-weather team and a team that's playing next to a lake," Tabor said. "Those kicks aren't automatic, but if they feel that that's going to enhance the game, then, so be it. We'll see how it goes in the preseason.

"I think the kickers will do a great job of making them. They're all very skilled, but really, later on in the year, when the weather changes, that's when the parameter will change. Whenever they say, 'That's what we're going to do for a full year,' we'll see how it plays out."

As for the Browns' kicking game, Tabor wants to see development from kicker Billy Cundiff and punter Spencer Lanning.

Last season, Cundiff converted 21 of 26 field-goal attempts, but was just two of four from 50-plus yards and seven of nine from between 40 and 49 yards, while Lanning averaged 43.8 yards over 84 punts.

"I think we definitely need to make improvements, so no (I'm not happy), to be quite honest with you, but I'm excited about the development that we made with the guys and where we're going," Tabor said. "I'm excited about their opportunities this year, and we plan on being better."


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