John's Take: NBA owner says NFL is too greedy

We know the NFL is king in this country.

But now, NBA owner Mark Cuban says the NFL is 10 years away from implosion. He made his comments in regards to the NFL's new TV deal, that includes a full season of Thursday night games and more Saturday games.

Quoting Mark Cuban, "Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. When you try to take it too far, people turn the other way."

I've always liked Mark Cuban. He speaks his mind when he doesn't like something. He challenges the commissioner.

But the NFL is a sports addiction. Fans are left wanting more. It's March and It's the home stretch before the NBA playoffs, and NFL free agency and mock drafts get more attention than the top games of the NBA.

The key for the NFL is to not do stupid things to lower itself down to it's competition. Let the other leagues do stupid things to try and catch you.

Keep the extra point and don't talk about putting a team in London when pursuing Los Angeles is better. I love the NFL. A game on Thursday and a few Saturday games will not hurt this league.

Only the NFL can hurt the NFL and it won't go past the point of where the diehard fans say enough is enough. Instead of criticizing the NFL, Mark Cuban should follow its lead and look to make his own league more competitive. The NBA is the one in danger of imploding.


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