CLEVELAND -- There was lots of attention downtown Friday as cameras keep rolling on "Captain America:The Winter Soldier."

The Winter Soldier had a busy Friday in a tangle on West 3rd Street and Lakeside Avenue with Captain America himself and a chase scene on the West Shoreway.

Some like the activity, others are ready for the Shoreway to reopen and normalcy to return.

"It gives us a lot of publicity and we need good publicity right now,"Beth Jencson said.

Jencson is celebrating her birthday with a day off, bringing a camera and binoculars to take in all the action.

"I saw a fight scene, a couple fight scenes, and there's been a couple car fires and I saw Captain America's shield, I saw someone carrying that walking by," she said.

"Captain America's my favorite. I just thought he was cute."

In a fire-fight, Chris Evans lands punch after punch on the Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan, even at one point a karate kick straight to the chest, sending him smashing into the SUV behind him.

On the Shoreway, the Winter Soldier was hanging onto the roof of a car while heading east into the city. Cameras followed the car's every swerve to make this 35-mile-per-hour movement a cinematic "high speed chase."

Scarlett Johansson, or at least her body double, also made an appearance in the chase scene.

If you're sick of the Shoreway closure delays, know the the Cleveland Film Commission says all is on schedule with no changes or additions to the movie traffic plans.

That means next week crews could continue to shoot along the Shoreway, West Third, or on a block either side of Lakeside.

Next Friday it should be a wrap with the final day scheduled for thebridge.

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