CLEVELAND -- Beef may be what's for dinner, but do you know where it came from?

A new law requires beef, poultry, and pork to be labeled with which country the meat came from, so that consumers can make an informed decisions.

Supporters of the new labels point to recent headlines involving illegal steroids in pigs raised in China, and beef from Mexico. Earlier this year, Chinese authorities made hundreds of arrests for selling meat, marketed as lamb, that was actually rat and fox.

The new labeling rules took effect 10 days ago. So are local stores following the new law?

We made a spot check at the Save-a-lot on Brookpark Road. Most the the meat had either a sign posted on the outside of the cooler, or a label with the country of origin on the package. But not all of the packages appeared to be in compliance. We found some packages of beef that did not appear to have the proper label.

We found a similar situation at the Marc's store on Snow Road. Several packages of ground beef did not appear to be clearly labeled.

Across the street at Giant Eagle, there were several prominently displayed signs, along with chicken fryers that had labels stating, "Hatched, raised, and harvested in the USA."

At Dave's Supermarket on Payne Avenue, packages of veal did not appear to have a label stating, from where the meat originated.

Critics of the labels from the meat industry say the new law will raise prices, to cover the extra cost of tracking inventory. A lawsuit to stop the labels has been filed in federal court. The case is expected to be heard in January.