There are only 11 shopping days left until Christmas.

With yet another winter storm headed into the area many were out in force Friday trying to beat the snow and the crowds of last-minute shoppers.

Shoppers say this is the best time of year to shop.

And on Friday, most people at Crocker Park in Westlake were quite successful, loaded up with lots of bags, enjoying the blue skies and sunshine, while it lasts.

The especially proficient shoppers say they were just about done shopping for everyone on their list!

Others said they had to get a jump on it today, because tomorrow, when the storm is here, they are going to be drinking cocoa and hunkering down.

"I'm glad I'm here today because I definitely would not venture out and what could be a big storm tomorrow," says shopper Mike Pap.

For those who bought presents today and need to get them in the mail, Channel 3 checked with UPS who says weather has delayed some processing, but they and FedEx both have meteorologists on staff. FedEx actually has 15, and they'll figure out alternate plans or routes if needed to get your packages delivered on time.