Make sure that special relative is dining on fruitcake by Christmas.


CLEVELAND - Today marks the busiest day of the year for the US Postal Service, with more than 600 million pieces of mail expected to be processed.

Here in Cleveland, they're prepped for about 3 to 4 million pieces of mail just today, compared to 1 million on an average day. They've been processing mail and delivering packages on the past few Sundays just to keep up.

The Postal Service offers a few tips to make sure your package makes it to its destination in time.

  • Make sure to use the full, proper address. If there is a direction for the street, include it.
  • Double check the Zip code by asking the person or using
  • Take any batteries out of electronics to avoid accidental flagging of packages.
  • Don't use boxes with other addresses or bar codes on them.
  • Write down the address on the inside as well, in case the outside address gets weathered or becomes unreadable.

The post office has a 24 hour lobby open with a machine to accept packages at all hours.

The last day for letters and cards to make in time for Christmas is Friday the 20th, priority mail should be sent by Saturday the 21st.

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