It always seems to sneak up on some of us. Tuesday is Christmas Eve, and that means we have just one shopping day left.

Despite six fewer shopping days compared to last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, last-minute shoppers have their own reasons for waiting.

"Had a couple of charity events I was involved with, so it kinda put me back a little bit," said one shopper.

"It's hard to get out during the work week so finishing all today," said another shopper.

"School work, too busy, sports, lots of stuff to do," said a shopper.

For many retailers, the holiday shopping season makes up almost 40 percent of yearly profits.

Like many stores at South Park Mall, it's business as usually -- but with a boost for The Cate's Company, which sells specialty children's T-shirts.

"It's what we expected in the beginning and a little up for the end, so we're gonna have a great year," said Carol Sharp.

The National Retail Federation predicts a 4 percent increase in sales this year.

That's right on track for PolarX. Sales associates say business is better than they expected.

"There was a line all the way past there. Yesterday it was really bad," said Shawna Broce.

But for those who don't care about crowded stores or profit margins, an hour wait for Santa is well worth it.

"We get to have our picture taken and we get to have a decoration," said Lola Marrali.

Online sales are expected to jump even higher. predicts a 15 percent increase in sales. Official numbers don't come out until after the holidays.