CARROLLTON -- The Amish attacks have made headlines across the country,so those concernedare doing something they normally wouldn't do --they're reaching out to police for help.

Two victims spoke with Channel 3 News exclusively, telling us their story of intimidation and terror.

Old-world values prevent brother from going to the law against brother. The humility of this culture discourages even picture taking.

These attacks against the Amish, though, are pushing the limits of their tolerance.

"This is not for revenge, this is so more people don't get hurt," victim Arlene Miller said.

Miller and her husband Myron wished not to have their faces photographed. They were willing to let us record their story.

The Millers say members of the Bergholz Clan, some arrested this weekend, attacked them in their Carrollton home late last Tuesday.

"The snarl in their voice sounded devilish. They appear to be controlled by Satan," Arlene said.

Once married, Amish men grow out their beards. The home invaders cut off six inches of Myron's beard.

"It doesn't make any sense to us either. It is their way of intimidating and terrorizing people," Myron said.

The Bergholz Clan is led by Sam Mullet. Two of his sons were arrested and charged with burglary and kidnapping in connection with similar cases in nearby Holmes County.

The Millers once helped a Mullet family member get out of Bergholz.

All the victims of these attacks, at one time or another, spoke against Sam Mullet.

What he callsreligious differences, they call criminal.

Sam Mullet does not deny members of his clan had something to do with the attacks, but says he didn't order them to do it.

The Jefferson County Sheriff says more arrests are expected later this week.