COLUMBUS -- We are Ohio, the group pushing to repeal Ohio's new law on collective bargaining, has spent about $17.3 million so far and has another $4.3 million on hand to get through until Election Day.

The Republican and business-group-backed Building a Better Ohio is not required to disclose who contributes to it because it is a nonprofit corporation.

That group raised $7.6 million from July to mid-October. It spent about $6 million through its political action committee.

It voluntarily provided a donor list, but not amounts given by each contributor.

We are Ohio is a political action committee that, by law, must reveal disclose its donors and the amount of what they give.

We are Ohio raised $19 milion from July to the middle of October and took in$4.6 million of donated services.

The group wants to repeal the law that bans strikes by public workers and greatly restricts their collective bargaining rights.

Groups contributing to Building a Better Ohio include Make Ohio Great.

That's part of the Republican Governors' Association.

Other donors include the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Farm Bureau, Greater Cleveland Partnership, and Associated Building and Contractors, a group of non-union contractors.

The Alliance for America's Future, a conservative Virginia group, has sent mailers asking Ohio voters to uphold the law. It is not obliged to disclose what it spent.

Unions are the big donors against the law.

The Ohio Education Association gave We are Ohio more than $4.7 million. It imposed a $54 dues hike to bankroll the fight against Issue 2.

AFSCME gave more than $5.1 million. SEIU gave more than $1.5 million.

A Quinnipiac University poll this week showed 57 percent of those surveyed want to cancel the law and 32 percent favor keeping it.